Reliance Travel Insurance

Reliance Travel Insurance


Launched on 17th August 2000, Reliance Common Insurance can be a Indian typical insurance policy provider which offers a plethora of insurance goods while in your house, travel, wellness and marine, engine, etc.,. Being a real part of this esteemed Reliance cash category, it’s famous because of its creativity in creation and superior customer assistance, the two which have plagued Reliance General insurance policies to eventually turned into one among many main insurers in India.

Reliance Standard Insurance Coverage Presents exceptional Customizations that make it possible for its clients to choose an idea depending on their requirements. An prime instance of this really is that a travel insurance policy coverage , which continues to be personalized for assorted segments of their modern society to make sure travelers have been satisfactorily insured against some unexpected or unforeseen happenings.

Listed below Are the Essential features:

  • The coverage contains zero paper-work whilst calculating, cheap rates, without a medi cal check-up.
  • The ideas insure numerous destinations, both for example excluding the united states and Canada.
  • Additionally, it also supplies 24hour health aid together using cash-less amenities.

Reliance Travel Insurance Coverage

  • As Part of its own higher umbrella, the next
  • Overseas Travel Insurance
  • Annual Multi-Trip Insurance
  • Senior Citizens Travel
  • Schengen Plan
  • Asia Plan
  • Student Travel Insurance

Overseas Travel Insurance Plan

Over Seas Travel Insurance Policies (also called Global travel insurance policies ) is designed to generate your own worldwide travel excursion a thrilling adventure. This program is especially customized for pupils studying overseas. Families, unmarried travelers, along with older citizens.


  • The international travel insurance policies delivers four distinct ideas with handles that range from 2500 50,000 to USD 500,000 (for Royal journeys ).
  • The program Offers protection for excursions into Asia, Schengen, both the USA, Canada, along with other destinations such as South Africa, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, and South America.
  • Aside from health care expenditures, in addition, it gives reimbursement for passing or long term disability because of an injury (being a passenger or perhaps a frequent provider ).
  • In the event the insured is hospitalized for at least seven times, then your master plan handles the compensation of this yield ticket fare of their visiting family members .
  • The master plan offers emergency profit the event of theft whilst traveling, and also a particular misery allowance in the event a plane is hijacked for at least 1-2 hrs.

Annual Multi trip Insurance

Even the Yearly Multi trip Insurance Coverage is designed to get Frequent travelers that have accumulated countless frequent flyer kilometers on account of their travel. The master plan provides adaptable defense for several of your trips an individual undertakes within an yr. This master plan will be great for many businesses which have a substantial quantity of workers traveling at several days of this year.


  • The master plan delivers three distinct sub-plans, e-lite, additionally, along with typical, each supplying policy of 83000 500,000, 67146 250,000, along with 67146 100,000.
  • Though the policy is like one trip insurance plan, the insurance policy pay is more steady, i.e. the traveler will not ought to purchase a fresh coverage each and every time (therefore )he travels.
  • Aside from routine clinical charges, the policy handles the unexpected emergency bills incurred to its insured Travels to India.
  • The master plan now offers safety against intrusion from the insured’s house, whilst (therefore )he could be traveling overseas.

Senior Travel Insurance Plan

The Old Travel Approach was designed For citizens involving age of 6-1 and ninety who have to travel overseas and thus, guard themselves out of all of the risks related to the travel.


  • For elderly citizens in between age of 61 and 70 decades, the master plan delivers four various benefit ideas with all the next policy: typical (75000 50,000), Silver (75000 100,000), Gold (2500 250,000), along with Platinum (2500 500,000).
  • For travelers involving your age of seventy one for 90 decades, the master plan provides a health reduction of 75000 50,000, lack in checked-in bags protect of 83000 five hundred, lack in passport policy of 83000 150, along with personal injury cover of 83000 15,000.
  • The master plan might be issued immediately with no health checkup and also in economical rates.

Schengen Travel Insurance Plan

A travel Insurance Plan is compulsory for individuals Whether somebody requires a Schengen visa, subsequently (therefore )he should have minimum policy of Euro 30,000. This is in which Reliance actions in having its Schengen prepare and will be offering maximum relaxation to its own customers.


  • The travel program is issued minutes with no demand to get a physician check-up.
  • For example a authorized Schengen agency, it supplies two ideas — Fundamental and Conventional, having a pay of Euro 30,000 and also Euro 50,000 respectively. As the fundamental pay just delivers a health spa, the conventional package additionally provides refuge for lack in passport, and lack in checked-in bags, delay of checked-in bags, along with short term visits.
  • People between age of a couple of weeks and ninety years may avail with this particular insurance plan.

Asia Travel Insurance Plan

Even the Asia travel Program Is Specially designed to get Folks between age of a couple of weeks and sixty decades, traveling into Asian nations such as Thailand, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius, along with China.


  • This really could be definitely the most favorite household plan because to zero certifications, no health check-up, cash-less operation throughout the world, and also premiums that are affordable.
  • The insurance carrier delivers two ideas: silver and standard coverage, together with medical expenditures pay of 83000 25,000 along with 67146 30,000 and policy for all lack in bankruptcy, lack in checked-in bags, delay of checked-in bags, along with monetary emergency aid.
  • Aside from emergency health expenditures, the policy handles the price of acquiring a brand new or replicate passport just in the event there is loss in bankruptcy.
  • In the instance of lost bag for at least 1-2 hours, then your master plan supplies bills for purchasing blankets, apparel, and drugs.

University student Travel Insurance Plan

This strategy is designed for pupils (involving the era Of 16 and 3-5 years) who’re researching overseas and come in frequent requirement to protect themselves against your affiliated challenges and perils.


No medical or paperwork evaluation Is Essential to get Purchasing this particular policy.

It provides five Distinct covers together with the Subsequent Coverage:

  • Fundamental: 67146 100 for lack in passport
  • regular: 67146 50,000 for healthcare charges
  • Silver: 67146 100,000 for professional medical charges
  • Gold: 67146 250,000 for professional medical charges
  • Platinum: 67146 500,000 for professional medical charges

In Case the host that pays the charge goes off, then this Plan stipulates the compensation of tuition prices.

In case some emergency medical ailment disrupts the Instruction, the master plan stipulates an settlement of present (compensated ) term charges.

In Case the pupil is arrested by the authorities to get a Bailable crime, then a policy would give you to your bond amount into the proper authority.

Just how to Purchase Reliance Travel Insurance?

Purchasing an Insurance Plan out of Reliance is rather Uncomplicated, provided that the energetic character of its site and also its own general organization. Any curious individual may purchase an insurance plan by simply browsing the business’s internet site and adhering to below actions:

  • on the site of Reliance General Insurance, just click ‘Travel’ in your flat collection of menu and choose the kind of product or service which you want to purchase.
  • As soon as you’re to the webpage of this specific solution, fill out the precisely the remaining side of the web page. You have to choose the traveler sort, region, day of arrival, current email , along with phone and click ‘Check our deals’.
  • Your quotation will probably soon be generated and also a listing of distinct plans together side their rates will probably be exhibited. You have to choose the desirable plan then click ‘continue steadily to obtain’.
  • On your webpage, you have to fill additional information on your excursion such as for instance if you’re traveling in an immigration policy, the united states of travel, travel launch date, and date, etc.. After completing all details , simply click ‘future’, and you’re going to be led into a different webpage.
  • With this particular page, you might have to fill on your individual facts, speech, and then select ‘following’, which can draw one on the webpage. Purchase the superior working with the many channels available.
  • When the cost has been completed, the coverage is going to undoubtedly be produced and emailed for you personally.

Promises Method

Reliance Standard Insurance Coverage has set up quite a Crystal Clear and Concise claims procedure which aids travelers repay their asserts within an hassle-free method. In the event the guaranteed encounter problems even though traveling overseas, the next process will probably allow him access his asserts exchanged immediately.


Once the sudden event happens, the guaranteed Has to close the firm (inside 2-4 hrs of this incidence of this promise ). Following would be the Fundamental particulars That the Business will ask:

  • Coverage amount
  • Identify of this guaranteed individual
  • Your Present contact amount
  • Secure telephone number & email identification (mandate)
  • Identification (Just in Case of Health instances )
  • Spot and state of reduction
  • Company title
  • Speak to Information as well as the title of this caller (if the Man or Woman intimating the assert Isn’t the insured)
  • Day & Time of this Collision
  • Quick explanation of this reduction

Throughout the World

In the Event the guaranteed needs to publish a promise to avail Cash-less centre, subsequently (therefore )he should predict the amounts provided around the site or perhaps the international tollfree amounts to get additional processing.

In the Event the guaranteed plans to Submit a Claim for settlement Of their losses, (therefore )he should submit the claim type combined side all of the essential records to this provider. Following would be some Fundamental records Which Need to Get filed for Professional Medical injuries and illness Studies:

  • Declare Kind
  • Physician’s record
  • Initial admission/discharge card
  • Initial bills/receipts/prescription
  • Initial X Ray Stories / Pathological/ Investigative Reviews
  • Duplicate of passport/visa together with entrance & departure stamp

If a few additional declines have happened for which the Claim needs to be registered, and other records will probably be asked from the employer in accordance with the essentials of the coverage schedule.

For both reimbursements and asserts that ” the Documents have to get filed in the subsequent address:

Reliance Standard Insurance Policy, Claims Department,” C/O Europ Guidance India Pvt. Ltd., C-301, Organization Sq, Andheri Kurla Road, Chakala, Andheri (E), Mumbai – 400093, India.

The contact details are as follows:
Reliance Standard Insurance Corporation Limited
Countrywide Tollfree No.: 1800-209-55-22
Land-line No’s: +91-22-67347843/Forty Four (Charges Relevant )
Electronic Mail Id: [email protected]

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