RR signify Regular Recruit.

It means you’re selected through UPSC.

And it even depicts your batch, for example: 71RR ,70RR etc.

There’s another part , i.e. IPS-SPS , which stands for STATE POLICE SERVICE. It implies that you’re promoted after state service examination.

IPS Full Form What is IPS?
Friends, IPS full form in Hindi is Indian Police Service i.e. Indian Police Service. This is what we call IPS in sorted form.

IPS is a police officer and works under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. IPS has two more parts. Which we know by the name of IAS and IFS.

IAS full form Indian Administrative Service
IFS full form Indian Forest Service

how to become ips
Friends, if you also want to become an IPS, then first you have to complete the graduation and after that you will be able to apply the form in the examination conducted by UPSC. UPSC Delhi Every year around May, the form of UPSC comes out, you can apply the form in it and then you have to pass two exams pre and mains and after that you have to pass the interview too, then you will be able to become an IPS or IS officer.

One has to pass the Civil Services Exam which is conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission). As given above information to you.

IAS,IPS Full Form In Hindi– IPS Full Form In Hindi
Friends, IAS full form is Indian Administrative Service and which we call Indian Administrative Service in Hindi. And IPS full form is Indian Police Service and which we call Indian Police Service in Hindi. The direct recruitment of IS and IPS is done through the Civil Services Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

When was IPS started?

IPS IPS was started in the British Raj in the year 1861, then its name was Indian Imperial Police (Indian Imperial Police) and then in 1947, when India got independence from Britain i.e. UK, then its name was changed to IPS IPA i.e. Indian Police. Service done.

In the year 1861, when our country was under British rule, the British started the Indian Imperial Police. And the highest post or rank of the Indian Imperial Police used to be Inspector General. But then only British (British) people could be admitted in it or they only got jobs. Then later in the year 1920, the Indian Imperial Police was opened for Indians as well. After 1920, Indians could also be admitted to the Indian Imperial Police by taking an entrance exam.

IPS IPS was established or kept in this article under Part 14 of Article 312(2) of the Indian Constitution.

Conclusion –

Friends, hope you have got all the information related to IPS full form in hindi. If you have any other question or have any suggestion then you can comment or mail us.