When you allude to something, you don’t identify it or mention it specifically. If you allude to the fact that a cop is sitting right behind you, your friends might stop talking about their plans to rob a bank.

Allude is from Latin allūdere “to play with, joke” from the prefix ad- “toward” plus lūdere “to play.” The corresponding noun is allusion, which is often used of an indirect reference in literature: Helen, a fitting name for a woman of great beauty, is an allusion to Helen of Troy.

Definitions of allude
  1. verb

    make a more or less disguised reference to

    alluded to the problem but did not mention it”
    advert, touch

    bear on, come to, concern, have-to doe with, pertain, refer, relate, touch, touch on

    be relevant to
    see moresee less

    type of:

    hint, suggest

    drop a hint; intimate by a hint

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