While updating Easy Apache 3 to Easy Apache 4 on CloudLinux server using below command –

cd ~;
wget https://repo.cloudlinux.com/cloudlinux/sources/cloudlinux_ea3_to_ea4;
sh cloudlinux_ea3_to_ea4 –convert

I’d received below error message

An –**warning**– occurred while installing profile “–**warning**–: failed to create directory /home/cPanel_username/.cagefs”.

Please select from the following options:

1) Revert to EasyApache 3
2) Abort.
3) Install the cPanel Default profile.
Please make sure, if you’ve removed/deleted any user recently from server then there should not be any entry in below files

1. Please check the user entry in /var/cpanel/users, if the user exist there then remove it.

2. Please check /etc/named.conf and the corresponding .db file from /var/named, there should not be any entry of user.

3. Check entry in /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf.

4. Check the entry in /etc/localdomains or /etc/remotedomains. If you’ll find any entry then remove it from the file.

5. Remove the cPanel user entry from /etc/passwd

You can remove the entry using –

It fixed my issue!