If you do something audaciously, you do it in a way that’s bold and possibly a bit reckless. A party guest might audaciously grab all the candy from a piñata without worrying what anyone thinks.

When you take any kind of risk, you act audaciously: it’s possible to audaciously dive off a cliff into a lake, or audaciously take the last piece of pie. If someone speaks audaciously, they say exactly what they’re thinking, no matter the reaction. Audaciously comes from the Middle French audace, “boldness,” with its Latin root, audax, which means both “daring” and “rash or foolhardy.”

Definitions of audaciously
  1. adverb

    in an audacious manner

    “an idea so daring and yet so
    audaciously tempting that a shiver of excitement quivered through him”

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