Bestiality is a word describing sex between a human and an animal. There are few things stranger or more repulsive than bestiality.

When you say bestiality, you can hear the word beast, which is a good clue to the meaning. People who are into bestiality like having sex with animals. It doesn’t matter what animal is involved: if someone if having sex with something alive that’s not a person, it’s bestiality. Bestiality is illegal and usually considered very wrong and harmful to everyone involved.

Definitions of bestiality
  1. noun

    the stupid brutal quality of a beast

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    type of:

    inhumaneness, inhumanity

    the quality of lacking compassion or consideration for others

  2. noun

    sexual activity between a person and an animal

    zooerastia, zooerasty
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    type of:

    sex, sex activity, sexual activity, sexual practice

    activities associated with sexual intercourse

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