If your cousin tells revolting jokes, belches, and smells like he spent the winter in a cave, he could be described as boorish — an adjective used for people with bad manners and a sloppy appearance.

We almost always use the word boorish for men. This may be because it can be traced back to a 13th century word for “herdsman.” Herdsmen spent a lot of time alone with their sheep, sleeping in tents, and cooking over open fires, so it was no wonder that they didn’t have the same refined manners as city folk. If someone offends you by acting boorishly — say, by cutting you off in traffic — you could exclaim, “What a boor!” Just don’t confuse boor with bore: bad manners may be offensive, but they’re rarely boring.

Definitions of boorish
  1. adjective

    ill-mannered and coarse and contemptible in behavior or appearance

    boorish and insensitive”
    loutish, neandertal, neanderthal, oafish, swinish


    (used of persons and their behavior) not refined; uncouth

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