Definitions of coition
  1. noun

    the act of engaging in sexual intercourse

    carnal knowledge, coitus, congress, copulation, intercourse, relation, sex act, sexual congress, sexual intercourse, sexual relation
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    the act of depriving a woman of her virginity (especially by rupturing the hymen through sexual intercourse)
    ass, nookie, nooky, piece of ass, piece of tail, roll in the hay, screw, screwing, shag, shtup

    slang for sexual intercourse
    hank panky

    illicit sexual intercourse

    the act (by a man) of inserting his penis into the vagina of a woman
    criminal congress, unlawful carnal knowledge

    forbidden or tabu sexual intercourse between individuals
    extramarital sex, free love

    sexual intercourse between individuals who are not married to one another

    sexual intercourse between persons too closely related to marry (as between a parent and a child)
    type of:

    sex, sex activity, sexual activity, sexual practice

    activities associated with sexual intercourse

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