To do something cunningly is to do it in a crafty, sneaky, and skillful manner. You might cunningly distract your parents so your brother can sneak a few extra cookies from the cookie jar. Just make sure he shares.

If you do something cunningly, you are being a little sneaky. You might cunningly compliment your mom just to get on her good side before she sees your report card. Your best friend might lie so cunningly that people always believe him, while your awkward fibs get you caught every time. Cunningly comes from the adjective cunning, based on the now-obsolete verb cunnen, “to know.”

Definitions of cunningly
  1. adverb

    in a sly or crafty manner

    “had ever circumstances conspired so
    artfully, craftily, foxily, knavishly, slyly, trickily

  2. adverb

    in an attractive manner


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