To be dismissive is to be indifferent and a little rude. Being dismissive is a sign of disrespect.

If you’re dismissive, you show little consideration for others. If a teacher laughs at a student’s earnest answer to a question, that’s dismissive. An employer throwing a resume in the trash without reading it? Dismissive. People are dismissive to others they think are beneath them. You can also be dismissive to ideas and suggestions. It’s like waving someone or something away and saying, “whatever.”

Definitions of dismissive
  1. adjective

    showing indifference or disregard

    dismissive shrug”
    “the firm is
    dismissive of the competitor’s product”


    not having or showing interest
  2. adjective

    stopping to associate with

    “they took
    dismissive action after the third violation”


    rejecting or tending to reject

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