DM full form is District Magistrate.

DM full form in hindi जिला अधिकारी

Friends, the full form is DM District Magistrate (Zilaa Dandadhikari).

DM: District Magistrate gets many such powers which are not available in any other post and if we talk about salary, DM gets respect as well as good salary. Because of which many young people have this dream that they can become DM, some youths make it a goal from the very beginning that they have to become DM and they start preparing to become DM from class 10th, 12th and those People do not know the information related to DM full form and how to become dm, those people internet they do not get the right information, that is why today I am going to tell you who is DM full form district magistrate, DM full form, salary, qualification, and how to become a dm. To give all the information related to it, I wish to write the post.

DM meaning| DM Means

Who is DM?
friends DM full form District Magistrate is the chief officer of the entire district and also the administrative and revenue officer, who has the right to work for all the work of the entire district and is also the officer of all the officers. DM provides service in the entire district and of the security arrangements. He also holds the responsibility, which is also called the head of the district.

DM full form in english

Full Form Of DM in Hindi : District Magistrate (District Officer) जिला अधिकारी
Friends, the main task of DISTRICT MAGISTRATE is to maintain law and order in its district, which is a district magistrate in each district, who also maintains his authority over all the employees working at his lower level and if the DM wants, he can also suspend them. could.

DM full form (District Magistrate)

Friends, if we talk about DM’s salary, then DM’s monthly salary is between 75000 thousand to 1.5 lakhs, because DM is an IAS officer, that’s why DM’s salary also comes under this and apart from salary DM also gets many facilities, DM’s salary comes under senior service, he has a private residence and a private vehicle and many such facilities are also available to DM.

How to become DM? ( How To Become DM )
Friends, now you must have got the information about who is a DM and full form of DM. And on getting promotion, DM can be made.

Friends, if you want to become DM, then you have to pass this IAS exam, without this you cannot become DM in any condition, but first of all, you should also have the qualification and age limit that you need to become DM. Wants to.

DM Full Form (DISTRICT MAGISTRATE) Qualification to become DM
Friends, to become a DISTRICT MAGISTRATE or District Magistrate, you must have a graduation degree from a recognized university in any discipline from a graduate college, if once you graduate, you will appear in the IAS exam to become a DM. can be.

As we know, to become DM, first of all we have to pass the IAS exam. To become a district magistrate, that is, a different age limit has been kept for each category to give the IAS exam, if you are from the general category, then your age. It should be 21 years to 30 years and for OBC category, this age limit has been kept from 21 years to 33 years with relaxation of 3 years and 5 years relaxation is given for SC and ST, due to which SC and ST category candidates are eligible. from 21 to Lasts up to 35 years.

DM full form : To become a DISTRICT MAGISTRATE, you have to appear for UPSC sponsored CSE (Civil Services Exam) exam, after passing which you become an IAS officer, this IAS officer becomes DM after promotion, IAS exam. It is through three stages, each stage of which you have to pass, only then you can become an IAS i.e. DM.

These three steps are as follows:

1.Preliminary Exam For IAS

  1. Main Exam For IAS
  2. Interview For IAS
जिला अधिकारी

1.Preliminary Exam
To participate in CSE, you have to first give a preliminary exam, in which there are two exams, in the first paper you are asked 100 questions and in the second paper 80 questions are asked, both these papers are of 200-200 numbers when you If you pass the preliminary exam then you are called for the main exam.

2.Main Exam
Only those candidates who pass in the preliminary examination can participate in the main examination, in the main examination, you have to give 9 papers which are about 1750 marks, but your merit list is made on the basis of 7 papers only, the remaining 2 You just have to pass in the papers, if you successfully pass in the mains exam then only you are called for the next stage i.e. Interview.

  1. Interview
    In the interview, only those candidates will be involved who would have passed the main examination, this is very important and the last stage after which you become an IAS officer. In the interview you are asked different types of questions which you have to answer And if you pass in the interview too, then you are made an IAS officer, after 1,2 promotion to become an IAS officer, you are made DM, you can also choose which state you want to become DM. Can do it.

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Doctor of Medicine

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District Magistrate

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