A dramatization is the acting out of something. You see these a lot in documentaries. For example, there could be a dramatization of the JFK assassination, using actors to show what happened on that fateful day.

If you watch a lot of true-crime shows, you probably regularly see dramatizations of dastardly deeds. Dramatization can also mean turning a novel into a movie or a play. Dramatization is a great way to cement learning. If you and your friends write a skit in biology class to show how photosynthesis works, you are much more likely to remember the process by which plants convert light into energy.

Definitions of dramatization
  1. noun

    a dramatic representation

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    guerrilla theater, street theater

    dramatization of a social issue; enacted outside in a park or on the street

    a stilted dramatic performance (as if by puppets)
    type of:


    an activity that stands as an equivalent of something or results in an equivalent

  2. noun

    conversion into dramatic form

    “the play was a
    dramatization of a short story”
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    type of:

    authorship, composition, penning, writing

    the act of creating written works

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