effluence meaning

effluence meaning  Use the word effluence when you talk about the action of something flowing or pouring out. The effluence of air from a popped balloon can sometimes send it flying around the room.

When you use the noun effluence, you are describing the quick spurt or flow of a substance. You might mention he effluence of bad breath from your dog or exclaim at the effluence of water from a draining kiddie pool. Both the process of the outflow and the substance itself — the water or air — can be called effluence. The Latin root is effluere, “to flow out,” from ex, “out,” and fluere, “to flow.

Definitions of effluence
  1. noun

    the process of flowing out

    efflux, outflow

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    inflow, influx

    the process of flowing in

    type of:


    any uninterrupted stream or discharge
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