gaffe meaning

Gaffe  A gaffe is a mistake that embarrasses you in front of others. If you run into a friend out with her grey-haired father, and you blurt out, “Oh, hi, you must be Tara’s grandfather!” then you’ve made a gaffe.

Gaffe rhymes with laugh, and you’ll be lucky if that’s how people respond to your social blunder. A gaffe seems to occur most often when you literally don’t know your audience — you make a joke about the mayor; you didn’t know you were talking to his sister. That’s definitely a gaffe. And who knew your hosts come from a culture that takes offense if you refuse to try every dish?

Definitions of gaffe

  1. noun

    a socially awkward or tactless act

Lots of us make errors while using the internet and have to be aware of them so that we can recover quickly. There is no guarantee, however, that making a mistake will not cost you money or time. Gaffe means “error” in Spanish and it usually happens when you are making use of something that you know nothing about. An infographic is an example of a gaffe that can have a big impact on the traffic on your website.

There are many explanations for why us humans make mistakes. Some say it’s destiny, some say our minds are biased, and some say we just like to make noise. But there’s one thing we can all agree on — making a mistake is embarrassing and disheartening. So, how can we learn from our mistakes and move on with our lives? This is where “”””gaffe”””” comes into play. It’s an approach to learning and developing that focuses on possibilities others might miss or fail to see — giving you the knowledge you need to avoid making the same blunders again.

You’ll never get a second chance at something great, and although there is always something to learn from mistakes, there is more to be gained by taking calculated risks. Any entrepreneur worth their salt will tell you that mistakes cost them money, time, and sometimes their marketing edge. But if you are willing to learn from them, the next time around could offer huge benefits. So here are four tips on how to avoid getting “”””gaffe”””” on your next big idea.

The first step is making a list of the things you’re likely to do wrong. Gaffes are easy to make — say, commenting on someone else’s Facebook post that you disagree with. They’re also easy to spot: If you make a habit of getting into Twitter flame wars, it won’t be long before someone lets you know what you’re doing wrong.

A big mistake people make when getting new credit cards is not applying for the right one. Gaffe means failure. Failure in getting approved for the right credit card can seriously affect your personal credit score and can even prevent you from getting approved for future cards. If you fill out the application incorrectly or don’t follow the rules correctly, you will trip up again in the future which will effect your credit score even more and will ultimately cause more failure. Failure to understand these basic rules can cost you money.