Henry Ford's Model-T was first produced in October 1908. It was the cheapest car ever built, and it helped usher in a new age of transportation. Whether you're an automotive enthusiast or a total novice, check out these words connected to cars.


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  1. acceleration

    (physics) a rate of increase of velocity
    It’s a car model that I really enjoy driving, with excellent handling and
    acceleration.Seattle Times (Sep 12, 2017)
  2. accelerator

    a pedal that controls the throttle valve
    He likes the instant torque, the zero hesitation when he steps on the
    accelerator.Washington Times (Jan 15, 2017)
  3. axle

    a shaft on which a wheel rotates
    The gas tank was mounted behind the rear
    axle, leaving it vulnerable in a crash.Seattle Times (Nov 16, 2016)
  4. carburetor

    the part of a combustion engine that mixes air with gasoline
    The fuel injection delivers an even flow of gas to the engine, something that
    carburetors couldn’t always do.Washington Post (Jul 7, 2011)
  5. combustible

    capable of igniting and burning
    For enthusiasts, there was much ogling at under-the-hood advancements of the
    combustible engine.The Verge (Sep 24, 2016)
  6. cylinder

    a chamber within which a piston moves
    The engine in the base Cooper — which starts at $20,745 — is also notable because it has just three
    cylinders.Los Angeles Times (Sep 5, 2014)
  7. jalopy

    a car that is old and unreliable
    They pass the carcasses of old
    jalopies, front ends fallen through the ice, doors riddled with bullet holes.Middlesex: A Novel
  8. lemon

    an object, especially a car, that is defective or deficient
    It was impossible to tell whether it was Mom’s driving or whether we had bought a
    lemon.The Glass Castle
  9. manufacture

    organized action of making of goods and services for sale
    While lighter plastic car parts might help cut vehicle emissions and increase the range of electric cars, doesn't their
    manufacture bring other environmental risks?BBC (Sep 28, 2017)
  10. modernize

    make repairs, renovations, revisions or adjustments to
    Uber is striving to
    modernize an entrenched industry and bring it, however reluctantly, into the digital age.Forbes (Nov 30, 2012)
  11. prototype

    a standard or typical example
    He added, “Our research vehicle
    prototype we think is the most perceptive car in the world.”The Verge (Sep 27, 2017)
  12. suspension

    a mechanical system of springs or shock absorbers
    Because Jeeps have a looser
    suspension than most cars, their frames absorb every bump in the road.Time (Nov 28, 2016)
  13. throttle

    a valve that regulates the supply of fuel to the engine
    I hit the
    throttle — and then realize I’m out of fuel.The Verge (Aug 11, 2016)
  14. torque

    a twisting force
    There is an unwritten mandate that every time a new car model arrives, it has to have more horsepower and
    torque than its predecessor.The Verge (Jul 20, 2016)
  15. transmission

    the gears that transfer power from an automobile engine
    Built for quickness and nothing else, semi-automatic
    transmissions were far too jerky and unrefined for the road in the early 1990s.The Verge (Apr 6, 2016)
  16. vehicle

    a conveyance that transports people or objects
    vehicles use rechargeable batteries containing cobalt, a byproduct of copper and nickel output, which boosts energy density and extends battery life.Reuters (Sep 22, 2017)
  17. velocity

    distance traveled per unit time in one direction
    It can also reach a top speed of 155 mph, up from the Model S’s peak
    velocity of 130 mph.Time (Oct 10, 2014)
Created on September 29, 2017
(updated October 2, 2017)