5th Grade Spelling Words

Words that came on a 5th grade spelling bee.


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  1. eruption

    the sudden occurrence of a violent discharge
  2. remarkable

    unusual or striking
  3. humility

    a lack of arrogance or false pride
  4. distinctive

    of a feature that helps to identify a person or thing
  5. suitable

    meant or adapted for an occasion or use
  6. amass

    collect or gather
  7. voluntary

    of your own free will or design
  8. calendar

    a system of timekeeping that defines divisions of the year
  9. positive

    characterized by or displaying affirmation or acceptance
  10. inclusion

    the act of making a part of something
  11. behavior

    the way a person acts toward other people
  12. conclude

    bring to a close
  13. Amazon

    a major South American river
  14. dedicate

    give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause
  15. condone

    excuse, overlook, or make allowances for
  16. reliable

    worthy of trust
  17. faulty

    having a defect
  18. register

    an official written record of names or events
  19. degree

    a specific identifiable position in a continuum or series
  20. squalid

    foul and run-down and repulsive
  21. transfixed

    having your attention held as though by a spell
  22. concoct

    make something by mixing
  23. radical

    far beyond the norm
  24. steadily

    in a continuous manner
  25. defiant

    boldly resisting authority or an opposing force
  26. mandate

    a formal statement of a command to do something
  27. default

    an option that is selected automatically
  28. outlier

    a person who lives away from his place of work
  29. Dixieland

    the southern states that seceded from the United States in 1861
  30. preserve

    keep in safety and protect from harm, loss, or destruction
  31. primitive

    characteristic of an earlier ancestral type
  32. contrary

    exact opposition
  33. assemble

    create by putting components or members together
  34. amigo

    a friend or comrade
  35. huddled

    crowded or massed together
  36. enact

    order by virtue of superior authority; decree
  37. profane

    grossly irreverent toward what is held to be sacred
  38. fauna

    all the animal life in a particular region or period
  39. flora

    all the plant life in a particular region or period
  40. formula

    a group of symbols that make a mathematical statement
  41. tangerine

    a variety of mandarin orange
  42. curiosity

    a state in which you want to learn more about something
  43. provoke

    provide the needed stimulus for
  44. reproach

    a mild rebuke or criticism
  45. casualty

    someone injured or killed in an accident
  46. tolerable

    capable of being borne or endured
  47. emotional

    of or pertaining to feelings
  48. attendance

    the act of being present at a meeting or event
  49. quirky

    strikingly unconventional
  50. horizon

    the line at which the sky and Earth appear to meet
  51. captivated

    filled with wonder and delight
  52. isolation

    the act of setting something apart from others
  53. prosperous

    in fortunate circumstances financially
  54. intelligence

    the ability to comprehend
  55. complexity

    the quality of being intricate and compounded
  56. assumption

    the act of taking something for granted
  57. corridor

    an enclosed passageway
  58. particular

    unique or specific to a person or thing or category
  59. purification

    the act of cleaning by getting rid of impurities
  60. satire

    witty language used to convey insults or scorn
  61. disposition

    your usual mood
  62. proposition

    a suggestion offered for acceptance or rejection
  63. entitle

    give the right to
  64. renewal

    the act of renewing
  65. assertive

    aggressively self-assured
  66. intimidated

    made scared or fearful as by threats
  67. receptacle

    a container that is used to put or keep things in
  68. concentrate

    make denser, stronger, or purer
  69. evaluate

    estimate the nature, quality, ability or significance of
  70. utterable

    capable of being uttered in words or sentences
  71. reign

    royal authority; the dominion of a monarch
  72. experiment

    the act of conducting a controlled test or investigation
  73. substitute

    a person or thing that can take the place of another
  74. recipient

    a person who is sent something
  75. exception

    an instance that does not conform to a rule
  76. remedial

    tending or intended to rectify or improve
  77. garment

    an article of clothing
  78. villa

    a luxurious country residence with extensive grounds
  79. incredible

    beyond belief or understanding
  80. compress

    squeeze or press together
  81. diverge

    move or draw apart
  82. virtually

    in essence or in effect but not in fact
  83. entangled

    twisted together in a tangled mass
  84. cultivation

    production of food by preparing the land to grow crops
  85. covetous

    immoderately desirous of acquiring something
  86. intrinsic

    belonging to a thing by its very nature
  87. discrepancy

    a difference between conflicting facts or claims or opinions
  88. explanation

    making something plain or intelligible
  89. subsistence

    a means of surviving
  90. satisfactory

    giving contentment
  91. obliterate

    remove completely from recognition or memory
  92. immense

    unusually great in size or amount or extent or scope
  93. suspicion

    an impression that something might be the case
  94. ferocious

    marked by extreme and violent energy
  95. transcription

    something written, copied from one medium to another
  96. convention

    the act of meeting formally
  97. intricate

    having many complexly arranged elements; elaborate
  98. impossible

    not capable of happening or being done or dealt with
  99. ambitious

    having a strong desire for success or achievement
  100. disposition

    your usual mood
  101. fallacious

    containing or based on incorrect reasoning
  102. lavender

    an aromatic shrub with usually mauve or blue flowers
  103. benevolent

    showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding
  104. democracy

    a political system in which power lies in a body of citizens
  105. personification

    attributing human characteristics to abstract ideas
Created on December 16, 2012
(updated March 17, 2014)