Lord of the flies chapter 4

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  1. whelm

    overcome, as with emotions or perceptual stimuli
  2. blatant

    without any attempt at concealment; completely obvious
  3. quiver

    shake with fast, tremulous movements
  4. loom

    come into view indistinctly, often threateningly
  5. throb

    pulsate or pound with abnormal force
  6. subside

    wear off or die down
  7. summon

    ask to come
  8. fuss

    an excited state of agitation
  9. remote

    located far away spatially
  10. strew

    spread by scattering
  11. scavenge

    collect discarded or refused material
  12. preposterous

    inviting ridicule
  13. swarthy

    naturally having skin of a dark color
  14. sinewy

    consisting of tendons or resembling a tendon
  15. appall

    strike with disgust or revulsion
  16. blunder

    make one's way clumsily or blindly
  17. moon

    be idle in a listless or dreamy way
  18. outwit

    beat through cleverness
  19. baffled

    perplexed by many conflicting situations or statements
  20. malevolent

    wishing or appearing to wish evil to others
Created on December 30, 2012