HSSLC full form is Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate.

HSSLC Humane Society of St Lucie County (Ft. Pierce, FL)
HSSLC High School Student Leadership Conference

What is the full form of HSC?
The full form of HSC in English is HIGHER SECONDARY CERTIFICATE and it is called Higher Secondary Certificate in Hindi. It is also known as HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL CERTIFICATE. This certificate is obtained after passing the class XII examination. The HSC exam is conducted at the state level.

HSC Exam Conducting Boards:
In some states of India, the exam structure of HSC is different from that of the board. This state is as follows; Gujarat, Kerala, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra, the following board exams are held in these states: UP Board, MP Board, Bihar Board, Maharashtra Board, CBSE Board, NIOS Board and ISC Board etc.

Topics to be covered in HSC Exam:
After obtaining the Senior Secondary Certificate, students can appear for the Higher Secondary Examination. The Higher Secondary examinations are divided into the following two parts:

Science Program

Non-Science Programs

Following are the main subjects of HSC:








Other full forms of the word HSC:
high school summer college

Huston sports and social club

healthcare sector skill counseling