Hubbub is a fun, rhyming word for an uproar, a brouhaha, or another crazy situation that has gone completely higgledy-piggledy.

No one would say, “What’s the hubbub?” at the library, unless it was the loudest, most bonkers day ever in a place that is usually quiet. A hubbub is chaotic, disorganized, loud, and distracting. Sometimes, hubbub can mean a controversy, as in “What’s the hubbub over this new law?” If you like peace and quiet, stay away from hubbubs — a word that sounds as loud and unruly as its meaning.

Definitions of hubbub
  1. noun

    loud confused noise from many sources

    brouhaha, katzenjammer, uproar
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    type of:


    sound of any kind (especially unintelligible or dissonant sound)

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