Definitions of ignitor
  1. noun

    a device for lighting or igniting fuel or charges or fires

    igniter, light, lighter
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    cigar lighter, cigarette lighter, pocket lighter

    a lighter for cigars or cigarettes
    fuse, fusee, fuze, fuzee, primer, priming

    any igniter that is used to initiate the burning of a propellant
    friction match, lucifer, match

    lighter consisting of a thin piece of wood or cardboard tipped with combustible chemical; ignites with friction

    a burning piece of wood or cardboard
    detonating fuse

    a fuse containing an explosive
    fusee, fuzee

    a friction match with a large head that will stay alight in the wind
    kitchen match

    a wooden friction match that will light on any granular surface; useful to light wood or gas stoves
    safety fuse

    a slow-burning fuse consisting of a tube or cord filled or saturated with combustible matter; used to ignite detonators from a distance
    book matches, safety match

    a paper match that strikes only on a specially prepared surface
    slow match

    match or fuse made to burn slowly and evenly

    a fuse made to burn for a given time (especially to explode a bomb)
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    an instrumentality invented for a particular purpose

  2. noun

    a substance used to ignite or kindle a fire

    igniter, lighter
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    (a piece of) a substance that burns easily and can be used to start a coal or coke fire
    kindling, punk, spunk, tinder, touchwood

    material for starting a fire

    substance that smolders when ignited; used to light fuses (especially fireworks)
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    a substance that can be consumed to produce energy

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