If something is considered of little worth or importance, it is inconsequential. If astronomers forecast a tremendous meteor shower, it might turn out to be no more than space junk, too inconsequential to record.

You can use the adjective inconsequential to describe things that just don’t matter or are of no relevance, as in “the rainy forecast is totally inconsequential — the bowling tournament is inside!” It also describes things that don’t make sense in a certain order, “trying to win their votes is inconsequential: the election’s over.” Something small or minor can be inconsequential too, though the red bump on your nose on picture-day may not seem as inconsequential to you as it does to the photographer.

Definitions of inconsequential
  1. adjective

    lacking worth or importance

    “his work seems trivial and


    not important
  2. adjective

    not following logically as a consequence


    illogical, unlogical

    lacking in correct logical relation

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