Use the word indeed to add emphasis to a statement. Think if it as another way to say: “That’s right,” or “Oh, yeah.” Are you seriously going to eat that entire chocolate cake? Indeed, I am.

Indeed originates from the phrase in dede meaning “in fact, in truth.” When you use the word indeed, you are underscoring that something is true. The word is also used when you want to introduce a point that’s even truer than the last one you made. “Yes, I passed the test, and indeed, got the highest score in the class.” In other words, it’s a polite way to say, “Take that!”

Definitions of indeed
  1. adverb

    in truth (often tends to intensify)

    “they said the car would break down and
    indeed it did”
    “it is very cold
    indeed grateful”
    indeed, the rain may still come”

  2. adverb

    (used as an interjection) an expression of surprise or skepticism or irony etc.

    “Wants to marry the butler?

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