A person who believes strongly that each of us should be just who we are has an individualistic outlook. If you don’t like conformity, then you’re individualistic too.

Many people believe that our society tries to make us all the same — to like the same food and wear the same clothes. Folks who reject that idea are individualistic. They believe that the most radical thing you can do is be yourself, however different that self may happen to be. The U.S. was known as country of individualists for many years. It’s where individualistic people came to invent themselves however they liked. Some say, though, that recently it’s grown less individualistic, as people are more afraid to seem different or unique.

Definitions of individualistic
  1. adjective

    marked by or expressing individuality

    individualistic way of dressing”

    individual, single

    being or characteristic of a single thing or person
  2. adjective

    with minimally restricted freedom in commerce


    capitalist, capitalistic

    favoring or practicing capitalism

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