If you do something languidly, you do it slowly and without haste. On a hot summer day, you might relax outside in a lawn chair, languidly sipping a glass of lemonade and watching the clouds drift by.

The adverb languidly comes from the Latin word languere, meaning “be weak or faint.” When you do something such as run or climb stairs languidly, you probably do appear weak or sluggish. The word has a peaceful and relaxed connotation, however — if you do something languidly you aren’t trying very hard and you aren’t worrying much about it. You may chat languidly with your friends on a summer day while sipping tea on the patio.

Definitions of languidly
  1. adverb

    in a languid and lethargic manner

    “the men
    languidly put on their jackets”

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