localized meaning

Something that’s localized only affects a specific place or part of the body. Localized numbness in your fingers means that only your fingers feel numb — the rest of your hand and arm feel normal.

You’ll often hear the adjective localized in the context of medical symptoms, treatment, or diagnosis. Localized pain exists in one part of your body, and a localized infection is also restricted to one area — it hasn’t spread to other places in the body. Another way something can be localized is simply to be local, like a localized radio station or a localized source of food for school lunches.

Definitions of localized
  1. adjective

    confined or restricted to a particular location

    localized infection formed a definite abscess”



    affecting only a restricted part or area of the body
  2. adjective

    made local or oriented locally

    “a decentralized and
    localized political authority”


    decentralised, decentralized

    withdrawn from a center or place of concentration; especially having power or function dispersed from a central to local authorities
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