A small rodent with a pointy face, rounded ears, and a long tail is called a mouse. A mouse may be kept as a pet, or it may be an uninvited guest in your home.

A person who is timid and shy can also be called a mouse. In computer terms, a mouse is a corded or wireless device that moves your computer’s cursor while you move the mouse. In most cases, the plural of mouse is “mice,” but more than one computer mouse can also be called “mouses.” Mouse can also be a verb in this context, like when you mouse over an icon to select a link.

Definitions of mouse
  1. noun

    any of numerous small rodents typically resembling diminutive rats having pointed snouts and small ears on elongated bodies with slender usually hairless tails

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    Mus musculus, house mouse

    brownish-grey Old World mouse now a common household pest worldwide
    Micromyx minutus, harvest mouse

    small reddish-brown Eurasian mouse inhabiting e.g. cornfields
    field mouse, fieldmouse

    any nocturnal Old World mouse of the genus Apodemus inhabiting woods and fields and gardens
    nude mouse

    a mouse with a genetic defect that prevents them from growing hair and also prevents them from immunologically rejecting human cells and tissues; widely used in preclinical trials
    wood mouse

    any of various New World woodland mice
    Apodemus sylvaticus, European wood mouse

    nocturnal yellowish-brown mouse inhabiting woods and fields and gardens
    Peromyscus leucopus, vesper mouse, white-footed mouse

    American woodland mouse with white feet and underparts
    Peromyscus maniculatus, deer mouse

    brownish New World mouse; most widely distributed member of the genus
    Peromyscus eremicus, cactus mouse

    burrowing mouse of desert areas of southwestern United States
    Peromyscus gossypinus, cotton mouse

    large dark mouse of southeastern United States
    Baiomys taylori, pygmy mouse

    very small dark greyish brown mouse resembling a house mouse; of Texas and Mexico
    type of:

    gnawer, rodent

    relatively small placental mammals having a single pair of constantly growing incisor teeth specialized for gnawing

  2. noun

    person who is quiet or timid

  3. verb

    to go stealthily or furtively

    creep, pussyfoot, sneak
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    type of:


    use one’s feet to advance; advance by steps

  4. noun

    a hand-operated electronic device that controls the coordinates of a cursor on your computer screen as you move it around on a pad; on the bottom of the device is a ball that rolls on the surface of the pad

    mouse takes much more room than a trackball”
    computer mouse
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    type of:

    electronic device

    a device that accomplishes its purpose electronically

  5. verb

    manipulate the mouse of a computer

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    type of:


    hold something in one’s hands and move it

  6. noun

    a swollen bruise caused by a blow to the eye

    black eye, shiner
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    type of:

    bruise, contusion

    an injury that doesn’t break the skin but results in some discoloration

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