Revokable things can be cancelled. A revokable document can be changed or annulled by the person who creates it.

You’ll often see the adjective revokable in legal documents, although it’s often spelled revocable. A revokable trust, for example, is a legal entity that holds a person’s assets in order to simplify the person’s will — and because it’s revokable, anything specified in the trust can be changed later. Political power is also revokable — it can be taken away from elected officials through the impeachment process.

Definitions of revokable
  1. adjective

    capable of being revoked or annulled


    rescindable, voidable

    capable of being rescinded or voided

    capable of being reversed
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    irrevocable, irrevokable

    incapable of being retracted or revoked

    determined irrevocably
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