If you are a monk that shaves all or some of your hair for religious reasons, that bald spot is called a tonsure. The act of creating that spot is also known as tonsure.

In Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity, hair is often considered a vanity. Men entering a religious order choose a tonsure as a way of denouncing the vanity and worldly ways represented by hair. At one time, tonsure was required if you wanted to enter the clergy, though today it rarely is. The tonsure represents a commitment to a more austere and less proud lifestyle.

Definitions of tonsure
  1. noun

    shaving the crown of the head by priests or members of a monastic order

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    type of:

    shave, shaving

    the act of removing hair with a razor

  2. noun

    the shaved crown of a monk’s or priest’s head

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    type of:

    crown, pate, poll

    the top of the head

  3. verb

    shave the head of a newly inducted monk

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    type of:


    remove body hair with a razor

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