To vaccinate is to immunize someone against a disease. Babies are usually vaccinated against many diseases soon after birth.

A vaccine is a type of medicine that makes you resistant (immune) to a disease like polio. To give someone such a medicine is to vaccinate them. You can use this word in a few ways. A doctor is usually the person who vaccinates a child (or older person) by administering a vaccine. You can also say the parents have vaccinated their children by making the decision to do so. Animals can be vaccinated too, like dogs are vaccinated against rabies.

Definitions of vaccinate
  1. verb

    perform vaccinations or produce immunity in by inoculation

    vaccinate against scarlet fever”
    “The nurse
    vaccinated the children in the school”
    immunise, immunize, inoculate
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    type of:

    inject, shoot

    give an injection to

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