A witty remark is clever and funny and timed just right. When you make such a remark, you are also considered to be witty.

The adjective witty can be used to describe those quick little funny remarks that often demonstrate a sharp, biting humor delivered in a playful manner. Witty usually describes things that are off-the-cuff amusing, rather than remarks that are elaborate or carefully planned in advance. This adjective is usually used in a complimentary way, but, like its cousin clever, it can be used sarcastically, as when someone who doesn’t appreciate your one-liners says, “Well, aren’t we witty today.”

Definitions of witty
  1. adjective

    combining clever conception and facetious expression

    “his sermons were unpredictably
    witty and satirical as well as eloquent”

    humorous, humourous

    full of or characterized by humor

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